Be Connoiseurs of Present Moments

By my calculations, most of us during a day are thinking on the average 67.71 thoughts per minute! Collectively, such minutes are predominantly replays of our yesterday moments or thinking of our tomorrows’ minutes. We actually make little time for our present or now moments of life. So it is little wonder that we may not be connoisseurs of those present moments, which can significantly impact our attitudes or views of life?
Realize our moments of the present are gifts. It would be our loss if we leave such gifts unopened – when they might be stepping stones to a brighter, more fulfilling day.  The question is:  Do you routinely make time for being in your present moments, which can be, for example:  moments of awareness, moments of mindfulness, moments of clarity, or moments of gratitude?  I’ll look forward to your comments.
Be connoisseurs of present moments. Try them. You might like them!

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